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The Reunion, Suneil Sanzgiri
The Reunion, Suneil Sanzgiri

The Reunion

Suneil Sanzgiri

In 1855, fleeing the persecution of Emperor Napoleon III, a group of French settlers founded an experimental socialist utopian society in Texas known as La Reunion. Their visions of mutual aid, feminism, and direct democracy offered new possibilities of worlds outside their own. After 18-months of unexpectedly harsh conditions, the nearly 400 inhabitants of La Reunion were wiped out or returned home after the project fell into ruin. The founding of La Reunion is the basis for the modern day city of Dallas, where the only memory that remains of the legacy of this radical community lives in one of the city’s most iconic modernist buildings: The Reunion Tower.

2019, Single-Channel Video, Stereo Sound, 6 minutes

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