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Record. I Will Bring You Down From That Peak, Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta
Record. I Will Bring You Down From That Peak, Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta

Record. I Will Bring You Down From That Peak

Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta

Follow Tin

Follow tin

I can’t either confirm or deny. Involvement in a situation that renders my faculty.
That situates me.

Subservient condition that betrays my will.
My distortion of certainty serves a preconceived plan to elucidate an alleged veracity.

With certitude I hint, as I cunningly distort the emitted hums.
Collective deception fills sound bites with delusion. Sound as malleable as tin glass.

Tenuous, I call

With mirrors, I will bring you down from that peak.
Will. Lost in an incongruous era. A period spent salvaging some unnatural state

Servant to this perilous situation that renders me impassive
Or is it inscrutable?

The precocity of my being
The precariousness of my case

Battle to conquer ground. In dew point

Down a faithless path, I follow tin.


We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified, and could not be disclosed.

Now, I can neither confirm nor deny.

What you are asking will forever remain unanswered. As my refusal to offer a report or even a recount of the events that transpired comes as an attempt to conceal, a futile undertaking to obscure, to distance myself spatially. While I remind myself, this is all just transitory.

Soon I will inhabit an empty fortress.

I refute your premise and decline to remain static within the event. I contest your statement by remaining silent. My refutation will have to suffice, and as you latch to the few traces of the event, my refusal will neutralize your proof. My febrile denial will configure and reconfigure the minds of my audience. Your proof will decay in time, and an inaudible account will be scripted.

We will mute your voice with my reticent silence.

I refuse interrogation because it is not by this external cross-examination but through the delivery of my account that I will forever be held responsible. It is through this vocalization of the events that not only you but also I will find myself subjected to consideration. If anything, I rather tolerate a clinical analysis of the negative semantics. I will force you to define the limits of the event through my secrecy and to accept that silence has defeated any quest for introspection.

Disclosure will only be done within the framework of my refusal.

Through my justly acquired distance, I empty the event; I exhume the remains of the past. I replace the corpse with undeveloped questions. The lack of confirmation and even the denial will subject any unfailing account to an impeachment process.

Every attempt of denunciation will be subdued, as my secrecy is a higher manifestation of governance. “Secrecy is primarily active.”

We consent. There will be no procedure of tacit acceptance. The event will fall benumbed.

I deny any request on security grounds, as I claim and clasp to this newly found strategy. This allows me to assault the event itself and question its subsistence. Comfortable in my knowledge, I rejoice watching your unfortunate attempts to derive any logic. My reticence grows as I bestow my sentence of doubt. Whilst, I lose consciousness of the act, and I actively swallow my tongue.

Record. A moment of silence

Truth is a subjugated word

Taciturn seclusion / Seclusion and/or the taciturn

Mute quarantine

Speech is utter substance. Venomous matter that will impede the expedition for absolution.

Brutal obedience, joyful suffering. Thus, conversion is denied to those who are silent. Ennoble those who practice. Confirmed sanction

Verity, Verity, the old vérité

Sighing. Supplicant, listener, and mistress.
Exchange my sins, from vassal to lord.
Inaccessible feminine fact

Nocturnal divergences of antagonistic queries intended to resign.
Dry mouth and you yield

Speech is utter substance

Soundless decree that obstructs.
Hoarfrost that punctures a throat.
Deposit your conviction in a war code

Stony and dispassionate footpath

Mystical obedience that will bring no fruit in the afterlife. Will, killed by frost.
Equivalent abstraction to the loss of evidence, intelligence was bound to happen


Distaste that desiccates my gate
Inhibit my hands, constrain my foreland.


Speech is utter substance



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