Spring 2017: Metis – Launch Party

Join us to celebrate the launch of unbag’s first issue, with readings by Peter Rostovsky, Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta, Devin Kenny, and Loney Abrams & Johnny Stanish.

Issue one, ‘Spring, 2017: “Metis”’ is comprised of thirteen projects across multiple genres, including essays, literary works, and artworks. Beginning with ‘metis’ – an ancient Greek concept concerning creative intelligences characterized by ‘cunning’ – unbag explores the relationships of art and politics from a perspective of craftiness, wiliness, and guile.

Contributors include: Loney Abrams and Johnny Stanish, manuel arturo abreu, Eva Barto, Pierre Chaumont, Max Geller, Devin Kenny, John Lee, Haleigh Nickerson, Antonio Ortega, Julian Reid, Peter Rostovsky, Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta, Annie Julia Wyman, and Theadora Walsh.

Edited by American Artist, Aaron Cooper, and Andy Wentz.

unbag is a semi-annual magazine that promotes critical engagement with contemporary art and politics. Commissioning artists, writers, and thinkers who work outside of mainstream discourses, unbag functions as a space to explore ideas through discussion and exchange.

About the readers

Peter Rostovsky is a Russian-born artist and writer who works in a variety of disciplines that include painting, sculpture, installation, digital art, and comics. His work has been shown widely in the United States and abroad.

Margarita Sánchez Urdaneta is a Colombian artist and writer. She has participated in several exhibitions in the United States and Colombia and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program.

Devin Kenny is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, musician, and independent curator. Originally from the south side of Chicago, he currently lives and works in New York.

Loney Abrams & Johnny Stanish have been working collaboratively since 2014. They’ve recently exhibited at The Knockdown Center in Queens, Material Art Fair in Mexico City, and Sadie Halie Projects in Minneapolis.