She Who Sees the Unknown

She who saw all things in the broad-boned earth and beyond,
and knew what was to be known
She who had seen what there was, and had embraced the otherness
She to whom the image clung like a mirror; a display of crisis,
and who dwelt together with a devised becoming

She knows and sees the unknown and lays them bare
She is the monstrous other, the dark goddess, the possessive jinn,
the dividing persona, the alternative figure
She restores myths and histories; the untold and the forgotten; the misread and uneven;
Those of and from the Near East
She is an inventor and a destroyer
She prescribes and rejects
In her city, there was no outside, yet doors remained open and unlocked

Her name is Huma
She who is of flame and blaze
She is a Jinn made of smokeless and scorching fire
Among a race created by Allah prior to humans
From the very day of her birth
She was responsible for common fever; ‘The fever of fevers’ as they called it
The heat she brings to the human body is a symptom of an underlying condition
Not a condition itself
Out into the world
She comes to posses Earth and humans alike

In the whole universe, there was none better, none whom she, Huma, could not best
She leads all the burnings
Looking up from the sun
She is a demon with three heads: two identical, vaguely equine, one looking right, and the other left
Leveled within an infinite horizon to see the disaster above her
The third head faces forward
Above the other two, looking into the future
Her open legs with bent knees and open arms
Surpassing all creatures
Great in respect, a monster in her form
She is the site of the warm globe and the slowly burning human

Her three talismans are encountered frequently
One to simply summon and invoke her
To call and conjure her
Chanting her name seven times in a row
She enters from the most unforeseen openings
She bubbles up and out of the deep dark bowels of the Earth
Forcing the heat of the desert to all she will possess
In favor of the rotting and heated bodies, airs, rocks, and oceans

Her second Talisman is to both bring and treat the fevered ‘skin’
One no one could elude
One she is the most worshiped for
She then extends her body to make all temperatures equal;
Above the normal on all surfaces
For the dehydrated and the un-suffered from drought

To rise and drop the existing catastrophe
in all directions: From North to south and East to West
She looks into a reflection, giving a second self to her
One half, cracking
The other, nourishing the hosts
“To colonize the colonizers, to occupy the occupiers; of this body and these lands”.
She communicates with the diseased
She is a monster and should be

Her third Talisman; one she is the most feared for;
One that will collapse all actuals, is the Infectious Madness
Rooted from the incurable heat, leading into chronic hallucinations
Causing irritability;
Causing convulsions;
Causing sea level sweat
All men gone mad by Huma, and no son was left sane to his father
And the gods cried out from this image; the return of the repressed; the underprivileged
She, Huma, who shatters the unjust subject
To expose symptoms:
Causing delirium
Causing Alienation
Causing horizontal difference
Causing universal blurring
Causing immediate cruelty of nature
All to give birth to a parallel world between the ill and the healthy flesh