Milk BBY

The new american girl doll is no longer a slave

The image of blackness is the violence of whiteness
I wanted to think about the body becoming a kind of food for the street
Reduce the living body
To be saturated in an unforgiving sunlight
Tender was the saturation

Try to be less afraid
Let’s become something else
Be kind
Be thoughtful
Be agreeable

It is important to be likable
Make no effort to be nice

Destroy the context that see u as volatile

Fragment with sticky edges rotating in wet dark spaces

Drink ur raw milk
Bby drink it up

you could say by this point i was in an advanced state of addiction
I am okay with subjectivity
I am okay with being an object
I think mostly about milk and sex and seasonal variations

Raw milk : a meditation

Desperation is interesting if it remain unfulfilled
Sigh_ what it boils down to is evapration_ ugh_lol _ i just want to be kissing_ under the big white milky sky_ i just want to kissing u_ shots fired_ i just want to be kissing u_ finding the ground _ bby u are my ground_ i mean i just wanted someone to love me_ really love me not just keep be around_ shots fired_ i often confuse futility with imagination_ everyone is my dream is actually me _ anyways i’m drinking raw milk and everything is creamy and covered in butter a marbled fatty yellow light_ the body melts into it_ into perception_ minor passageways _ wow fuck me_ fuck me i’m a _fucking fuck_ fuck me_ i am part of something because my life is so stupid_ drinking raw milk _fatty chunks of cream curd_ being inside of a loved body _ LOL_ maybe this is just another prayer_ POETRY WANTS TO PRETEND TO KNOW EVERYTHING _ i don’t know anyhing_ i. Can’t .Even. Lie. i tear the inside of my cheeks with my teeth_ MY BRAIN COULD BE USEFUL IF I DIDN’T FORCE IT TO FEEL_ in the dream i saw my death_ sometimes the aim is just tenderness_ it is the corpse_ the fantasy_ i mean wanting to kill urself but not wanting to die_ i can’t feel - i was trying to respond to a daydream of bare air_ imagine the dark_ the questions never change_ i will not train myself to love this shit. I refuse to love to shit :( :(

It​ ​dangerous​ ​to​ ​be​ ​broke​ ​and​ ​in​ ​love
We​ ​gotta​ ​be​ ​smarter​ ​about​ ​things​ ​from​ ​now​ ​on